Location Feasibility


Site-specific retail evaluations

Our team has many years of experience in evaluating sites to identify the feasibility of store placement, and evaluating the market potential and warranted scale of development for proposed shopping centre developments. Taking into account the area’s demographics, the current and future retail environment, catchment area, future development around the site, a thorough evaluation of the site, and various other factors, Lightstone Explore will evaluate the revenue potential and feasibility of each potential site (for both individual stores and shopping centre developments).


Site-specific residential property evaluations

Lightstone Explore evaluates the proposed residential development area via interrogation and analysis of several datasets which will aid the characterisation of the area, and lead to conclusions regarding the feasibility of the plans. We evaluate primarily the geo-demographic profile and the residential landscape and trends in the area. In addition the retail and business landscape will be assessed, in conjunction with the economy of the area, to contextualise whether the area has good potential or not.


Footprint Online

This subscription geospatial tool helps clients to evaluate the geo-demographic profile, income landscape, and retail footprint of a given area in order to evaluate feasibility of outlet location. We also build bespoke models into the tool for clients to predict revenue potential of new locations and the cannibalisation of existing stores that would contribute towards that revenue potential.


Network Analysis

We work with retailers, franchises, dealerships, banks, insurance companies, entertainment companies and others to guide on understanding optimal network placement. Our methodologies are effective for both growth and rationalisation strategies as well as a check-point on existing footprint vs the ideal, to identify revenue growth and efficiency opportunities.

Office Relocation Evaluation

Office Relocation Evaluation

When companies move offices, an unintended but serious consequence is often the loss of key employees who have an additional travel burden in the new location. Our Office Relocation Evaluation helps a company to identify the commercial node that makes most sense considering employee homes. It also enables the comparison of several options, with the choice to weight some employees whose loss would be especially impactful to the business. The evaluation gives you a detailed understanding of which option is better, the impact in terms of travel distance and cost on your total (weighted and unweighted) employee base, and the information with which to make an informed decision on new location.

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