About Us

Lightstone Explore (Pty) Ltd uses data, analysis and deep industry expertise to help clients make decisions relating to business issues that have a spatial element.

Lightstone was founded in 2005 with the aim of developing tools to help mortgage lenders better manage their property risk. Since then we have gone on to develop extensive solutions for various industries. An increasing market need for capabilities around location-based information resulted in the creation of Lightstone Explore. The company was built through a combination of acquisitions (Doug Parker Associates and SA Revealed), enhancement of longstanding products and capabilities, and innovative inventions.

To empower our clients to make well informed location-related decisions.

To be Africa’s "go to" company for location related information and decisions and our Lightsparks will be consistently admired for their values, commitment, energy and talent.

Our People

Linda Reid - Chief Commercial Officer

Linda’s experience as a management consultant and country manager within data & analytics environments positions her well to represent both the client’s need and the solution developed by the Lightstone Explore team. Success for Linda and the client facing team means becoming long-term trusted advisory partners of clients, with Lightstone Explore solutions adding significant value across multiple business functions of our clients’ companies.

Trevor Holmes - Managing Director

Trevor was an early adopter of Geographic Information Software and was one of the pioneers in introducing the technology as a business tool in South Africa. He has founded & built several companies, usually with a focus on using spatial technology and statistical models to develop strategic solutions to business problems. He was instrumental in building the Lightstone Explore Online geospatial platform, with which Lightstone Explore helps organisations across many sectors to have a clearer understanding of the context within which they operate and to make more informed strategic decisions.

Ria Pretorius - Analytics Manager

Ria is an expert in mathematical statistics, holding several degrees in that field. With her statistical expertise she leads the Lightstone Explore analytics team in building models and analysing datasets to uncover solutions and identify opportunities for clients across various sectors. She has a keen passion for finding the story within the data, which she believes is the key to deriving answers to some of the most interesting business questions.

Shelley Howell - Head of Market Research

Shelley has spent her career as an expert in the retail development sector, primarily within Doug Parker Associates which became part of the Lightstone Explore family a few years ago. With an exceptional knowledge of the SA retail landscape, Shelley leads the Lightstone Explore evaluations of retail location feasibility, as well as shopping centre and other retail-focussed surveys.

Kerry Emuth - Solution Sales Specialist

Kerry’s skills lie in understanding the holistic needs of customers (both spoken and unspoken) and drawing from an understanding of Lightstone Explore capabilities to create targeted solutions that will deliver maximum value. Her experience creating solutions from complex options in an IT company positions her well to service Lightstone Explore client needs.

Tamy-lou van Schalkwyk - Commercial Operations

Tamy has worked for several years in a data & analytics environment, conducting projects for clients and in a customer service role. She specialises in servicing the needs of multiple clients within an organisation, and ensuring adoption into business practices is optimal in order to maximise success of projects.

Leandre Phillips - Africa Market Researcher

Leandre’s prior experience spans several analytical roles within the Property environment of a large SA bank, where she developed her knowledge of the commercial, industrial and retail property landscape. This knowledge, in combination with her analytical nature, positions her well to lead the development of the Lightstone Africa platform in the direction required by our clients, as we all grow business into this data-scarce continent.
BEE Compliance

As a company that is committed to transformation and equal opportunity, Lightstone Explore regularly undergoes BEE compliance assessments. We are a BEE Level 4 company with BEE Recognition of 100% as certified by Premier Verification.

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